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Errol was an illustrator for Walt Disney's Movie titled "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." He illustrated the Huntsman in Forest, Sequence 3A, scene 7, graphite colored pencil on paper.

The Fairest One of All: Recently, celebrating the Art of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", was an art exhibit displayed in the animation building of California Adventure theme park in Anaheim. It was comprised of 15 panels containing various 
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Many years have passed since Errol passed away. Holding one of Dad's illustrations makes it seem like yesterday. Very similar to holding your kid's early childhood drawings. The memories that a simple drawing can evoke are amazing. .
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art used to make "Snow White". The exhibit commemorated the 70th anniversary of the movie's release.

The artists who had original artwork presented in the Snow White exhibit were:
Ward Kimball, Hamilton Luske, Bill Roberts, Art Babbitt, Vladimir Tytla, Ken O'Conner, Arthur Fitzpatrick, Joe Grant, Ferdinand Horvatch, Gordon Legg, Jack Campbell, Errol Gray, Eric Larson, Norm Ferguson, Nick George, Maurice Noble, Bernard Garbutt and Grim Natwick.
Recent discoveries of Errol's Work on the Internet:

17 May 1940   "Bill Posters"  -  Assistant Director
* Assistant Director
Disney, California Adventure Snow White Exhibit
* Credited for "Huntsman in Forest" Drawing
We need your help. Our family is on the lookout for things that Dad (Errol) worked on. Many of you have been very kind to submit photos, documents and great references to what he worked on and who he worked with. We appreciate that very much.
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